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We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Goat

Dear Partners and Friends, The 2015 Chinese New Year is almost upon us.  We would like to thank you for a fruitful and productive year in the Year of the Horse. Due to shipping company operating hours and time for […]

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Full line Quantum Motors to be available

Hope Le (HK) Co., Limited is pleased to announce a full-line motor offering from Quantum Motors!  With over a year of survey and sales monitoring, we believe Quantum motors are the best motors in the industry with incredible power and most competitive pricing.  This is no […]

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PROTOform announces Dodge DART for 190mm TC

When Touring Cars emerged to become the most prominent form of on-road racing on the planet, the PROTOform Dodge® Stratus was the go-to body for many racers, including a win at the 2002 IFMAR Worlds. Now, we’ve set out to […]

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PROTOform come up with Body Handling Spectrum

Have you ever been confused by which body to purchase or pick to put on your car?  PROTOform has come up with an all-new, easy to follow solution: The Body Handling Spectrum matrix. The are available in the following classes – 190mm on-road […]

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SAB Goblin 380 available on Jan. 22, 2015

The most anticipated helicopter of the year is coming! The Goblin 380 by SAB Heli Division is coming! Available in 2 color schemes – Red/Black (SG380) and Yellow/Blue (SG381). Goblin 380 comes in kit form with Black Line main and […]

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JR RG712BX Receiver now shipping

JR – JRPR03597 – RG712BX 7CH DMSS XBus Receiver Introducing JR’s first receiver with path diversity antennas for easier installation! Ideal for compact installations, the RG712BX is JR’s newest introduction to the receiver market. On the surface, this receiver looks […]

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BK released DS-3001HV and DS-5005HV servos

BK Servos have added 2 more servos to their line up.  They are the DS-3001HV micro servo for cyclic and DS-5005HV for tail.  Both servos are coreless and high voltage.  They are perfect for 450 or 450 extended size RC […]

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PROTOform unveiled its Formula One project

Two decades after their iconic “McLaren” and “Benetton” style 1/10th Formula 1 body shells, PROTOform will soon have their brand new F1 shells available.  Inspired 2014 season’s slopped nose and 2012 season’s platypus nose Formula One racing cars, the 2 new bodies should […]

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BK launched brushless line for cyclic & tail

After success with the coreless line, BK Servo has launched its news brushless line – BLS-8001HV for cyclic and BLS-8005HV for tail.  Brushless servos offers lower power consumption, smoother operation and even longer life in general.  The BK Servos servos also […]

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Protoform introduce all-new VRS-N 200mm body

As the ultra-fast 1/10 Nitro Touring Cars continue to evolve with new technologies, an ever greater demand is placed on the race body shells in order to keep these machines planted on the track and as drivable as possible in […]

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